Throughout the years, the Society remained dedicated to its mission of helping to support cancer researchers in the country.


In the 1940s, Betty Caplan’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. In speaking with friends and family, she discovered that all were affected, in some way or another, with cancer. She also found out that no Canadian organization existed which focused on cancer research. Actually, very little research was being conducted on the disease at the time in Canada.


She wanted to do something about it.


Along with her friends Hattie Rolbin, Mildred Singer and Etta Kastner, they formed an organization to help find the cause and ultimately a cure for cancer. With the approval of their husbands (remember, this was 1945!), the Cancer Research Society was founded with the mission to raise funds to support physicians and researchers working to find ways to outsmart cancer.


A year after its founding, the Society awarded its first four research grants of $600 each. A year later, over $14,000 was distributed.


And the Society has been growing steadily ever since.


In the 1980s, we surpassed the 1 million dollar mark in grants and bursaries.


Since 1945, over $340 million has been invested in Canada's most promising researchers.