85 experts dedicated over 500 hours to select the best research projects  

During the month of May, the Cancer Research Society evaluation committees convened to select the researchers who will be awarded this year’s grants.   

The selection is a long and rigorous process to ensure that your donations fund Canada’s most promising research projects and have the greatest impact.  

Over 300 research projects evaluated 

Again this year, hundreds of researchers proposed innovative ideas to better detect, prevent or treat cancer and need funding to test their hypotheses.  

The selection process is done through peer review, a tried-and-true method that ensures quality and excellence in scientific research. Concretely, our team carefully assembles several committees composed of experts, doctors and clinicians with diverse and specialized expertise to properly evaluate all of the submitted proposals.  

Each expert evaluates dozens of projects, taking into consideration the scientific quality, originality, feasibility, and the project’s potential impact. They provide a written assessment that will then be presented and discussed when their committee meets.  

The Cancer Research Society is so very grateful to the 85 experts who generously give their time and expertise to participate in the review process; we are proud and humbled by their support and their commitment year after year. The reviewers are equally grateful for the review process, as testified by their positive feedback: 

“The Cancer Research Society is one of the most receptive and supportive funding organizations in Canada. I am grateful for your commitment to all types of cancer research while respecting and recognizing the need for basic biomedical and clinical research. Your work for research is exceptional.” 

“Having participated in several evaluation committees, I particularly enjoy those organized by the Cancer Research Society for their sense of camaraderie and collaborative spirit. At the end of the process, I leave knowing that the best projects were selected and will receive funding.”  

We would also like to thank all the researchers who submitted a project to this year’s grant competition. The awardees will be announced in the fall of 2022, stay tuned!  


Dajan O’Donnell, Ph.D  
Director, Scientific Affairs and Partnerships 

Irina Navarrete 
Advisor, Scientific Affairs 

Daniela Quaglia, Ph.D, MBA
Analyst, Scientific Affairs