More than $115,000 raised for cancer research

In April of 2022, the Cancer Research Society launched a new digital campaign under the theme "We need you". The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the importance of supporting cancer research, as well as to collect donations to fund more cutting-edge cancer research projects.

Whether it be by email or through one of the various social media platforms, the charitable donors were more than generous! 

Thanks to this all-online initiative, the Society raised more than $115,000 to support some of the most innovative research projects. 

"This campaign is once again proof that every donation counts, no matter how much, and that together we can work together to outsmart cancer." 
- Marc Gauthier, Director, Communications and Marketing, Cancer Research Society 

It is with great gratitude that the team of the Cancer Research Society thanks the ambassadors of this campaign and all of those who donated during the digital campaign "We need you".

You can read the testimonials of the ambassadors by clicking here

*In the photo: researcher Franco Vizeacoumar, one of the campaign ambassadors, and members of his team