General questions about the CRS ChallengeTM

When you sign up for a CRS ChallengeTM, you are raising funds exclusively dedicated to research on all types of cancer through the Cancer Research Society.

You are also undertaking a major physical challenge in honour of someone suffering, or who has suffered, from cancer.

Increasingly, men and women wish to support organizations for which the cause touches them personally, and gives them an opportunity to make a real difference. By using the proven formula of combining fundraising with activities that push people to their limits, the Cancer Research Society can count on this method to ensure the financing of important cancer research projects.

Participation in the CRS ChallengeTM is reserved for people 18 years old and over.

A cancer hero is someone who has suffered from, or is currently battling, cancer. It is also possible that your cancer hero is someone who unfortunately lost their battle with the disease. It is important that you are paired with a cancer hero, as this symbolizes the reason why you are participating in the expedition.

This hero may be someone you already know. If they accept to be your cancer hero, it is important that they permit the use of their name and story to promote your fundraising campaign. This person must agree to these terms and sign the relevant agreement form.

It is also possible to choose a hero who has passed away from cancer.

If you choose a child as your cancer hero, it is important to be aware that your participation will be very meaningful to them. You will become their hero, that is to say, someone engaged in collecting funds for research while also offering hope for the future. If you choose this option, be certain that you can commit yourself fully to this Challenge and see it through to the end.

Before signing up

No. While it is not mandatory to attend an information session, we do strongly encourage you to consider it. At this meeting, you will receive all the details of the program, learn about the cause, and make an informed decision about whether this program is right for you!

For the moment, all information sessions are held in Montreal. However, for participants who cannot attend, we organize Webinars (via the internet) where you can follow the session online and listen to our presenters from the comfort of your own home!

Absolutely! However, due to limited spots, please advise us in advance to ensure there will be enough room. We also want to ensure our attendance list is up-to-date. Moreover, when we create a file for potential participants, we need the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number (daytime)
  • E-mail address
  • The name of the CRS ChallengeTM of interest
  • How you heard of the CRS ChallengeTM

You can register for the next information session by clicking on the following link .

Registration – Information Session


While there is no official deadline to register for a particular Challenge, we suggest that participants register as early as possible to reserve their specific destination of choice. This also allows them more time to fundraise and to prepare physically for their Challenge.

To register for a Challenge, please complete the online registration for your specific chosen destination. To find a Challenge, consult The List of Challenges.

Two new fundraising formulas are currently being tested for the “Climbing Kilimanjaro 2018” challenge. These two formulas are called: “Autonomous” and “Hybrid.” They were developed to benefit Challenge participants. These two new options go beyond the Classic fundraising formula already offered, which consists of raising $15,000 (including travel expenses). These two new formulas give participants the possibility of financing their own travel expenses (in part or in whole) – these options lower the participant’s overall fundraising goal.


Fundraising goals vary according to the Challenge. These amounts are indicated in the list of Challenges.

Your success in meeting your fundraising goals depends on your determination, skills, and your network of contacts. We suggest sending solicitation letters or e-mails, as these methods do not require a big time or financial investment. Our Fundraising Guide will offer other suggestions – the Guide will be given to you during the Fundraising Campaign Information Session offered to you after your registration. This guide is also available in your online participant portal.

From the beginning of your campaign, you will be supported by members of the CRS ChallengeTM team. Promotional tools, such as posters, banners, personal websites, and other promotional objects, will be at your disposal. To maximize your results, we also encourage mutual support between participants.

The deadline to complete the total fundraising goal is about four months before the departure date (please consult the installment calendar in your participant portal). At this time, the CRS ChallengeTM team has to finalize the plane ticket and lodging information for the whole group.

If you have NOT reached your financial goal by the deadline indicated on the installment calendar, you have three options. Refer to What happens if I do not reach my fundraising goal by the deadline?

If you have raised a minimum of $500, you will have three options:

  1. To provide a security deposit covering the missing funds. You will have a month after the return date of your Challenge to complete your fundraising objective. This deposit will be reimbursed to you upon written request once you have reached your final fundraising objective.
  2. To delay your Challenge to the following year. The amount you have already raised will be transferred to your new Challenge. You will have to pay your $300 registration fee again; however, this will be included in your fundraising objective.
  3. To give up on the Challenge. If you do not wish to transfer your funds to register for a new Challenge, the money already raised will be given to the Cancer Research Society.

If you have raised a surplus of a minimum $500, you have two options:

  1. To choose another Challenge for completion within the next two years and your surplus will be transferred to your new fundraising goal. You will have to pay your $300 registration fee again; however, this will be included in your fundraising objective.
  2. To give the money raised to the Cancer Research Society.

No, the fees not included in the package must be covered directly by participants. However, as mentioned in the previous question, if you have collected a surplus in your fundraising, you can always transfer this amount to a future CRS ChallengeTM within the next two years.

The first thing you must do is pay the initial registration fees. Next, you should adhere to the “critical dates” schedule, which will be available in the participant portal upon your registration. This document indicates when to transfer funds to the Cancer Research Society. It is important to respect these fund remittance dates throughout your campaign.

No, the fees paid by the participants are not eligible for a tax refund. However, if you contribute an amount higher than the travel costs, a tax receipt can be issued for the surplus amount.

The unexpected

The registration fees (based on the formula chosen) plus all donations already submitted to the Society will remain the property of the Society.

Participants who opted for the Classic Formula can transfer their collected funds (excluding the fees previously incurred by the Society at the time of abandonment) to a new Challenge in the current or following year.

Participants who opted for the Hybrid or Autonomous Formulas cannot transfer previously collected funds to another Challenge.

The cost of the trip is based on a minimum of 10 participants. If this number is not reached by the deadline for that particular destination, an alternative will be presented to registered participants. Please note that since the beginning of the program, no expedition has ever been cancelled.

The trip

The duration varies depending on the Challenge. For more information, please contact the Challenge advisor or consult the List of Challenges.

The trip includes:

  • One round-trip air fare;
  • Airport/hotel transfers;
  • Transfers to/from the expedition site/marathon and the hotel;
  • Accommodations;
  • All meals (may vary according to the destination) at the hotel and during the Challenge;
  • Climbing permit, park entrance fees (where applicable);
  • The trek with a trekking guide and porters (certain additional charges may apply, where applicable);
  • Certain equipment, including tents, tables, chairs, kitchen accessories, equipment in case of emergency evacuation etc. (where applicable); and
  • An accompanying guide for the duration of the expedition;*

*If the number of participants exceeds 10.

Not necessarily. Most of the equipment is provided by the tour operator, but you should consult the Equipment list specific to your Challenge. This list is available online in the participant portal.

Before the start

We will do our best to prepare you. You can expect:

  • A training program specifically adapted to your chosen Challenge, including a physical evaluation session;
  • Preparatory activities (for example: a trek before your actual Challenge); and
  • An exclusive shopping and information night with equipment experts.

You are not required to register for a gym membership. The certified trainer involved with your group will provide you with a training program specific to your needs and adapted to your Challenge. You may engage in daily physical activity by following the training guide and suggestions provided by our trainer. The training program is spread over a period of 16 to 24 weeks (based on the date you registered for the CRS ChallengeTM).

All cases will be treated individually; however, every problem has a solution. The program advisor will evaluate your situation and propose a particular solution just for you!

After the challenge

Every year, we hold a “Welcome Home Cocktail” to celebrate the accomplishments of the year’s CRS ChallengeTM participants. This will be a festive evening bringing together past participants, partners of the program, and representatives from travel agencies.


The typical fund distribution for fundraising activities of this nature follows the 65/35 rule: a minimum of 65% of revenues are allocated to cancer research and a maximum of 35% is allocated to expenses. The activities of the Cancer Research Society respect or surpass these rules.

The Cancer Research Society ensures that it receives competitive prices for its expeditions by recruiting a large number of participants. Understandably, the expedition acts as an incentive for participants. Nonetheless, we must not forget that participants must invest considerable time, effort, perseverance, and their own money in order to successfully raise the thousands of dollars required.

When you make your donation online on the participant’s web page, a tax receipt will be issued automatically to the e-mail address indicated on the donation form. For donations made by cheque, a tax receipt will be issued for amounts of $20 and over. For donations under $20, a tax receipt will be issued upon request.